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The company Akpil is a Polish company specializing in the production of agricultural machinery, including subsoilers. Subsoilers are agricultural tools used for soil cultivation at significant depths, usually below the level of traditional plowing. They are used to improve soil structure, increase its permeability, and enhance water retention capabilities.

The key features and applications of Akpil subsoilers may include:

Cultivation depth: Akpil subsoilers can work at significant depths – even up to 35cm, allowing for loosening, aerating, and mixing the soil with crop residues at a greater depth than traditional plowing.

Variety of models: Akpil offers various models of subsoilers, enabling farmers to adapt the tools to their specific needs and soil conditions. These subsoilers feature different protections for working elements – spring, hydraulic, and spring-loaded protections in the SCORPIO series, as well as a 3D tooth protection in the GRIZZLY XL series.

Agricultural application: Subsoilers are utilized in agriculture to improve soil structure, remove plant residues, and stimulate biological activity in the soil. Depending on the requirements, there is a wide selection of working elements, including carbide-tipped chisels, to meet all customer demands and prevailing conditions.

If you are interested in specific models or details regarding Akpil subsoilers, it is advisable to consult with a representative from Akpil or the nearest dealer.


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