Rotary harrows

Tornado is the name of rotary harrows produced by the Polish company Akpil. Rotary harrows are agricultural tools used for preparing soil for cultivation, weed destruction, as well as mixing and shredding plant residues. Akpil’s Tornado series includes various models of rotary harrows that can be adapted to different tasks in agriculture.

Here are some general features you can expect from Akpil Tornado rotary harrows:
High-quality construction: Akpil is known for producing high-quality agricultural tools, including the Tornado rotary harrows.
Different working widths: Tornado is available in various working widths of 2.5m, 2.7m, and 3m, allowing farmers to adapt the tool to their needs.
Solid construction: Tornado rotary harrows are robustly built and durable, enabling long-term use.
Effectiveness in field work: Thanks to the rotors and mounted blades, Tornado harrows are effective in tasks related to soil preparation and maintenance of agricultural fields.
Ease of use: Tornado harrows are designed for simplicity of use, facilitating the work for farmers.
Machine construction based on standardization allows for equipping with a pneumatic seeder or hydropack.

For accurate information about a specific model of Akpil’s Tornado rotary harrow, it is recommended to contact the official Akpil dealer or visit the manufacturer’s official website, where detailed information about available models and their specifications can be found.


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