The company Akpil produces various types of soil cultivators for use in agriculture, horticulture, and orcharding. “Freza,” “Freza XL,” and Truskawka are used for soil cultivation, its fragmentation, and loosening before sowing, planting, or cultivating vegetables. They operate on the principle of rotating blades that penetrate the soil and move it.

Akpil offers different models of soil cultivators, varying in size, power, and construction, to meet the diverse needs of farmers and gardeners. Soil cultivators with a central (middle) drive, model FREZA, with a side drive, FREZA XL, or sectional soil cultivator, TRUSKAWKA, may be available. Depending on the model, they can be adapted to tractors of different power categories.

Detailed information about the available models of soil cultivators from Akpil, their technical specifications, and prices can be obtained by contacting Akpil directly or visiting an official dealer. Make sure you choose the right cultivator model for your needs and the type of work you plan to perform.


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