Grain seeders produced by the company Akpil are agricultural machines designed for sowing various types of seeds, including grains, legumes, grass, and oilseed crops. These seeders are adapted to work on different types of soils and in diverse climatic conditions, making them suitable for farmers worldwide.

Akpil grain seeders offer the following features and capabilities:
Capacity: Akpil seeder models can have different capacities, allowing them to be customized to the individual needs of the farmer. Mechanical seeders come in versions with a width of 2.5m – 730 liters, and at a width of 3.0m, the capacity is up to 850 liters. In pneumatic seeders, the tank has a standard capacity of 1000 liters and has a modular design where it can be expanded to 1500 liters by attaching an extension.
Seeding Technology: Akpil employs advanced seeding technologies that enable uniform and efficient seed distribution.
Adjustability: Akpil seeders allow for the adjustment of seeding width and density, which is crucial depending on the type of cultivation and soil conditions.
Construction and Durability: Akpil machines are robustly built to withstand the challenges of agricultural work and meet the conditions prevailing in the field.
Compatibility: Akpil seeders are adapted to work with various types of aggregates and tractor models.

Additional Options: Akpil offers seeders equipped with various seeding sections – with rubber protection with a maximum pressure of 70kg/section and in parallel, characterized by exemplary terrain copying with adjustable pressure in the range of 5-35kg. In these seeders, two types of seeding plates can be selected – convex or flat.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the current catalog or contacting an Akpil representative to learn about the available models of grain seeders and their specifications. Before purchasing agricultural machinery, it is always advisable to consult with local dealers to tailor the choice of the machine to the specific conditions on your farm.


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