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Cultivator-seeders are agricultural machines that combine soil cultivation and sowing processes for crop seeds. Their goal is to prepare the soil for sowing, evenly distribute seeds, and cover them with a layer of soil. They enhance the efficiency of fieldwork, expedite the sowing process, and ensure better seed quality. Here are some features commonly found in cultivator-seeders:

Seeder: Cultivator-seeders are equipped with a seeder that evenly spreads seeds in the field. These seeders are adjustable, allowing the adjustment of seed quantity based on the type of plant and the distance between rows.

Sowing sections: These cultivators have sections equipped with two-disc coulters with two types of plates – flat and convex. The sowing depth at which you want to work is set with support pressure wheels that compact the soil after seeding.

Cultivating roller: Cultivator-seeders are equipped with a cultivating roller that levels the field’s surface and ensures uniform soil compaction. In the towed version, this is a tire roller that also serves a transport function. In the suspended version, there is a wide range of options depending on the customer’s needs and field conditions.

Modular construction: Many cultivators are built modularly, allowing the machine to be adapted to various types of cultivation and soil conditions.

Akpil produces various models of cultivator-seeders, such as pneumatic seeders on rotary harrows or disc harrow units, differing in size, functionality, and other parameters. For precise information about Akpil’s products, it is recommended to contact the company representative or consult with a local agricultural machinery dealer.