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Cultivators are agricultural tools used for preparing soil for cultivation. They are designed for shredding, mixing, loosening, and evenly distributing fertilizers in the soil. Cultivators are a crucial element in the cultivation process, as they help improve the soil structure, providing better conditions for plant growth.

Here are some features that are characteristic of cultivators produced by AKPIL or other manufacturers:

Construction: Cultivators can have various designs. They can be on a rigid frame up to a width of 3m, or hydraulically foldable with working widths ranging from 3.5m to 6m, equipped as standard with a single front roller and a double rope roller at the rear. They can be equipped with various working tines – S-type tines or straight tines, as well as a front leveling strip with wheels or track loosening elements, increasing their versatility.

Working Width: The working width of cultivators can be adjusted to various farmer needs and types of agriculture. Cultivators with working widths from 2.1 to 6 meters can be found.

Depth Adjustments: Cultivators from the RYLEC series allow for depth adjustment, enabling customization to specific soil conditions.

Durability and Quality of Construction: Cultivators are solidly built to withstand the challenges of agricultural work. High construction quality and durability are important criteria when choosing a cultivator.

If you are interested in specific models of cultivators from AKPIL, it is recommended to consult official sources of the company, such as product catalogs or contact with a company representative. There, you will find precise information about available products, their specifications, and applications.


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